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New headlamp for work in the dark. Rechargeable headlamp dual colour RED / WHITE COB LED with touchless sensor function.

Manufacturer's Product Code: 03.5438

Stock Status: In stock

Scangrip Night View - brand new Scangrip headlamp with white and red light! And of course, featuring the most up-to-date COB LED Technology.

The water and dust proof Scangrip Night View lets you choose between traditional white light and red light that is intended for work during the night without overexposing the retinas and at the same time keeping your eyes accommodated to the dark.

The red-light is mostly known from military night operations but is equally needed within other professions that are carrying out activities during the night, for instance, offshore activities carried out on oil rigs, ships etc. as well as for instance security guards that are on duty during the night.

Different from most headlamps, the Scangrip Night View lights up your entire field of view while at the same time providing a uniform light.

Scangrip have taken advantage of the most recent battery technology to ensure an incredibly long operating time of up to 5 hours before having to recharge the headlamp.

Last, but not least, the Scangrip Night View carries a sensor that lets you turn on and switch off the headlamp only by waving a hand in front of the lamp.


Technical Specifications:

  • Extremely powerful CRI+ COB LED Technology
  • 250/500 [email protected],5m step 1/ step 2
  • 80/160 lumen step 1 / step 2
  • 6.500 Kelvin / Red light: 632nm
  • 5h / 2,5h operation time step 1 / step 2
  • 4h charging time
  • 3,8V 1600 mAh Li-poly battery
  • IK07
  • IP65
  • 105x52x43 mm
  • 130 gram

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