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Scangrip TRIPOD EX

Scangrip Tripod EX - designed to fit the Scangrip NOVA-EX and the NOVA-EX R explosion proof work lights. Extendable from 1.35 m to 3 m, the tripod offers complete flexibility in terms of positioning.

Manufacturer's Product Code: 03.5607

Stock Status: In stock

The new Scangrip Tripod EX is designed to fit the Scangrip NOVA-EX and the NOVA-EX R explosion proof work lights.

The Scangrip Tripod EX is designed to meet any work task that requires stationary, yet flexible illumination in various heights and angles.

The Tripod EX is made of very durable and sturdy powder coated steel.

For optimized safety, cables can be placed in the safety clips placed on each of the Tripod EX' legs. Also, the cable winding devices are for excess wire.

Product specifications:

  • Max load 10 kg
  • Max height 3m
  • Min height 1.35m
  • Ø 1.2m
  • Weight 6 kg

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