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Scangrip UNI-EX - 03.5600 - rechargeable explosion proof portable work light

The Scangrip UNI-EX is the first of the new Scangrip explosion proof handheld lamps. It’s sturdy rechargeable COB LED light also produces a spotlight.

Manufacturer's Product Code: 03.5600

Stock Status: In stock

Technical specifications:

  • High-efficiency COB LED / Spot: SMD LED
  • (step 1/step 2)
  • 150/290 lumens
  • Spot: 95 lumens
  • 190/380 [email protected]
  • Spot: 350 [email protected]
  • 6h/3h operating time
  • Spot: 3h
  • 3.2V/2800 mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Charging time 4h
  • IP65

The Scangrip UNI-EX is an explosion-proof handheld work light from Scangrip’s new innovative range of explosive proof work lights.

The UNI-EX work light is extremely sturdy and durable with the lamp surface being water and dust resistant (IP65).

The UNI-EX is based upon advanced COP (chips on board) LED technology. This technology offers powerful and uniform illumination. As well as being handheld, the UNI-EX is rechargeable and has an operating time of between 3-6 hours, depending on the power of the light output.

There is a battery indicator at the back of the light which obviously keeps you informed about the battery level. Pressing the on/off switch for 3 seconds will make the UNI-EX show you the battery level during use. The UNI-EX gives you two levels of illumination, 150 lumens, and 290 lumens.

When performing inspection work the turntable sturdy hook, as well as the powerful, built-in magnet in the bottom, secures optimum placement flexibility of the light. The flexible positioning and the work light angle is further secured by the lamp head that tilts up to 180 degrees.

The UNI-EX has a built-in belt clip which allows you to have it close at hand for any of your lighting tasks.

A charging dock is included when purchasing the Scangrip UNI-EX.

Scangrip UNI-EX is approved for use within the following zones/areas:


II 2G Ex ib op is IIC T4 Gb
 II 2D Ex ib IIIC T120°C Db IP65



 IECEx TPS 17.0003X




 TÜV IT 16 ATEX 083 X

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