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Scangrip NOVA R (NEW) - 03.5439 - 1,500 lumens portable rechargeable LED work flood light

The NOVA R is a 1,500 lumens portable rechargeable COB LED work flood light. It has dimming capability over a 5 step range. The NOVA R can also charge external devices with a USB connection.,

Manufacturer's Product Code: 03.5439UK/03.5439

Stock Status: In stock

Technical specifications:

The NOVA R is the newest LED flood light in the popular Scangrip NOVA work lights. It contains the latest and unique COB LED technology.
The 1,500 lumens high light output provides the NOVA R with a uniform and even illumination, especially when considering the extremely slim and handy design and incredibly low weight of the NOVA R (only 705g).

Its sturdy die-cast aluminum construction enhances its resistance to shocks and vibrations. The NOVA R is your ideal portable flood light for tough work environments.

In conjunction with its fellow NOVA products, the NOVA R allows you to dim its light output by five degrees of intensity. The lowest light output level gives you an incredible 12h operation time.

The NOVA R is designed with an ergonomic handle to enable you to have an optimized grip when transporting it from one work area to another. The handle is flexible and is also equipped with powerful integrated magnets for flexible mounting that lets you obtain the desired lighting angle.

The NOVA R handle also allows you to directly mount the LED flood light onto the Scangrip Tripod, Wheel Stand and/or the scaffolding bracket.

Finally, the NOVA R has a built-in power bank with USB outlet to charge mobile devices.

The design of the NOVA R is unique and covered by EU design patent RCD No 2954123.

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