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Scangrip STAR

STAR rechargeable COB LED work light and floodlight in one. The new Scangrip STAR bridges the usability of a floodlight and a work light!

Manufacturer's Product Code: 03.5620

Stock Status: In stock

The new Scangrip STAR bridges the usability of a floodlight and a work light!

The design of the STAR is revolutionary. Besides from having the characteristics of a hand-held work light, the extendable handle lets you use the STAR as a searchlight as well. Furthermore, the Star is designed for positioning on the Scangrip Wheel stand and Tripod, thus the STAR can also be used as a floodlight.

In addition, the extremely powerful light output involves great illumination of a larger working area, in spite of the reduced dimensions of the STAR. The handle is applicable for direct mounting on the Scangrip TRIPOD or Scangrip Wheelstand.

With its flexible handle the positioning of the STAR is very flexible letting you obtain the optimal lightning angle for a specific work task.

The handle is also clickable in fixed position to serve as a hook for suspension.

Furthermore, the powerful built-in magnet in the handle lets you place the STAR in flexible positions on any metallized surface.

Charger is included.

Five benefits by STAR

  • Extremely powerful illumination - up to 1000 lumen
  • Rechargeable with up to 5h operation time
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Ergonomical design for a comfortable, firm grip
  • Built-In power bank with USB outlet

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