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Scangrip MINI SLIM

The new, multifunctional and rechargeable Scangrip MINI SLIM: The swiss army knife of work lights. The slim light allows for inspection in even the most inaccessible and narrow work areas. 3-in-1: inspection light, work light and flashlight in one lamp. Extremely powerful illumination up to 500 lumen with flashlight function. Rechargeable up to 6h operation time. Choose between 2 light settings (50% or 100%) for maximized operating time. Strong built-in magnet and hook for flexible positioning.

Manufacturer's Product Code: 03.5610

Stock Status: In stock

The new, rechargeable Scangrip MINI SLIM could easily be remembered as the swiss army knife of work lights.

The super thin and compact design (ø 7mm) makes the MINI SLIM absolutely ideal for inspection within the most inaccessible work areas. In case you work with very demanding inspection job tasks, the Scangrip MINI SLIM is therefore the ideal work light tool for you. Furthermore, the flexibility of the MINI SLIM is supported by the fact that the MINI SLIM has in-built magnet and hook.

The Scangrip MINI SLIM is designed for the body to be 100 % foldable. When folded, the MINI SLIM can be used as a traditional flashlight, while unfolded the MINI SLIM works as an inspection light. When folded, the MINI SLIM is super compact and fits into any small pocket, thus the MINI SLIM is very easy to carry with you.

Despite the innovative, compact design, the MINI SLIM offers a powerful illumination of up to 200 lumens. In case a light output of 100 lumens is sufficient, the 2-step function lets you choose this level of illumination thus increasing the operating time to an impressive 6 hours before the MINI SLIM needs a rechearge.

The Scangrip SLIM features the new COB LED technology.

As for all Scangrip work lights bought at, the charger for MINI SLIM is included.

Product specifications:

  • Step 1/2 100/300 [email protected]
  • Spot: 4800 [email protected]
  • 100/200 lumen Spot: 100 lumen
  • 6h/3h operating time
  • 3h charging time
  • 3.7V/1200 mAh Li-ion
  • IP30

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