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Scangrip TRIPOD - 03.5431 - adjustable robust tripod

The new Scangrip tripod gives you complete flexibility to adjust your light. Using this tripod allows you to adjust your lighting heights to between 1.35 and 3 meters.

Manufacturer's Product Code: 03.5431

Stock Status: In stock

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 6kg
  • Dimensions: 1080 x 140 x 130 mm


When purchasing the Tripod, you automatically get a free bracket. The following work lights are mountable on the Tripod using this bracket:

  • Scangrip MULTIMATCH.
  • Scangrip NOVA 20 C+R (discontinued).
  • Scangrip NOVA 30.
  • Scangrip NOVA 50.

The following work lights can easily be mounted on the Scangrip Tripod without any bracket:

  • Scangrip NOVA 3K & 3K C+R.
  • Scangrip NOVA 5K & 5K C+R.
  • Scangrip NOVA 10K.
  • Scangrip STAR.
  • Scangrip VEGA 1500 C+R.
  • Scangrip VEGA 2600.
  • Scangrip VEGA 4000.
  • Scangrip MULTIMATCH 2.
  • Scangrip MULTIMATCH 4.
  • Scangrip D-MATCH 2.

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