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LINE LIGHT R (2017 type) - a very powerful inspection light and flashlight in one offering a unique, ultra-slim design. Rechargeable hand lamp with top spotlight incl. clip holder with hook and magnet.

Manufacturer's Product Code: 03.5244

Stock Status: In stock

The 2017 model of the LINE LIGHT R is a very powerful inspection light and flashlight in one.

The Scangrip LINE LIGHT R is extremely sturdy and endures even heavy strokes and shocks that are inevitable when working in a rough workshop environment. The very slim design (ø25mm) lets you illuminate and inspect even the most narrow and hard to reach areas.

The LINE LIGHT R has a built-in prism that lets you concentrate the light in a 75 degree beam angle. Thereby, the Scangrip LINE LIGHT R provides an extremely concentrated, bright and powerful illumination of the specific work area.

Scangrip LINE LIGHT R is manufactured in Denmark. 

Scangrip LINE LIGHT R is unique and covered by EU design patent RCD No 4070035.

USB cable and USB charger follows when purchasing the LINE LIGHT R.

Seven benefits by the upgraded LINE LIGHT R:

  • Improved light output increased by more than 170%
  • Powerful inspection light and flashlight in one
  • Rechargeable with up to 4h operating time
  • Sturdy and waterproof, IP65
  • Choose between two light settings (50% or 100%) for maximized operating time
  • New magnetic, electronic switch
  • Ultra-slim design (ø25mm) allows inspection in even the most inaccessible places


Technical specifications:

  • 16 SMD LEDs / 1 X CREE XP-G2 in top
  • 400/150 lumen
  • 900/1500 [email protected]
  • 75º/50º beam angle
  • 1.5h/4h operating time
  • 6h charging time
  • 5m cord
  • 3.7V/2600 mAh Li-ion
  • Ø25x357mm
  • IK07
  • IP65

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